What the experts say:

Peter Charles M.B.E.
Olympic Team GB Gold Medalist 2012
International Showjumper


"I have used Haybars now for the last 6 months and all my staff have found them quick and easy to use and the horses benefit as it keeps the hay concentrated in one corner of the stable, without them treading through it."




Advanced Certified Equine Dental Technician


“One of the most important things I advise my clients is that horses benefit significantly from being able to eat at ground level when stabled.  In my experience horses that are not fed from nets or racks maintain a far more balanced wear pattern to their teeth enabling them to grind properly and in turn gaining the full value of their food.”




Keith Evans, Equine Dentist


“When I first saw the HAY BAR I was pleased to see a product that was designed with the horse’s natural feeding position in mind.  I am convinced that I would see less dental problems in the horses I treat if they were fed from the floor by use of the HAY BAR.”



Rachel Burton, Equine Dentist


"The hay bar allows a natural head position for the horse.  Uneven biting and chewing surfaces make it difficult for the horse to process feed and get the nutrition it needs for optimum health and performance. Hay bar allows the horse to maintain a natural head position which prevents dental abnormalities, like hooks and ramps."



Jann Turner, Physio at Boyton Hall Equine Rehabilitation Centre


“All stables are fitted with Hay Bars at Boyton Hall, as I believe this product is an excellent way to feed a stabled horse.  A horse should eat the way the body was designed, with the neck and back stretched through its top line to a low level and the teeth and jaw working in a natural position.”



Steph Appleton, Equine Physiotherapist. Cert. Certificate Manipulation & Equine Therapy.  Clarendon House Vets Equine Hospital, Chelmsford, Essex.


“Fantastic. Horse friendly, hygienic, labour saving device.  We're impressed and highly recommend.”




Marion Winter. Bsc MA VET MB MRCVS. South Moor Veterinary Hospital, Kingsbridge


“I am so pleased with the Hay Bars which we have installed in our Equine Hospital.  I have found them very easy to clean, particularly hygienic and above all completely safe for the horses.  I have no hesitation in recommending their use to all my clients.”



Philip Dixon B.V.Sc. Cert. E.P. M.R.C.V.S


"The Hay Bar is a very good idea for horses especially those with a respiratory problem as it encourages drainage of the respiratory tract also preventing contamination seen when feeding from the floor."




Carrie Humble MBE, Founder & Director, The Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre


"We quickly converted the whole yard.  Hay Bars can also contribute to improvements with back problems of which we see so many cases."



Heidi Woodhead


" Hay Bars have reduced labour and wastage, whilst encouraging the horses to stretch through their topline when eating in the natural position. We quickly converted the whole yard. "


Margaret Brett


"We experimented with two Hay Bars and it soon became obvious that the time and hay saved through their use made it imperative that we furnish all our stables with a Hay Bar.  In a busy polo yard they are invaluable. We thoroughly recommend them."


Henry Brett (English Polo Captain)  Argentinean Groom


"The Product is very strong and avoids injury, Very easy and quick for giving out food (Hay), allows feeding in a natural position and stops dust going into the lungs, and keeps the bedding clean from Hay."




Sarah Tyson Sole British Completion,World Endurance Championships, Dubai


"Stuffing hay nets was always time consuming, and feeding from the floor created excessive wastage. In October of last year they decided to purchase the Hay Bar for each and every box, which has certainly helped time wise, but above all they have noticed that their horse’s top lines are greatly improved and each is more supple than in the past."Sarah Tyson


Graeme McPherson, Martins Hill Racing.Sarah Tyson Sole British Completion,World Endurance Championships, Dubai


"We've nothing but praise for Hay Bars - every box has one and the horses love using them."


Jerome Harforth, Show Producer, Stanley Grange Stud.


"Hay Bar certainly improves topline"


Sarah Payne BHSI & List 2 Dressage judge who runs Sheepgate Equestrian.


"I read the Haybar adverts with curiosity and decided to try them. Pleased with the price and delighted with the product, which allows the horse to feed in the most natural position and works wonders for the topline. Simply......excellent value for money. Every horse should have one!"





Robin Dumas, International Event Rider, B.E Accredited Trainer


"Having swapped over from hay nets and hay racks to Hay Bars we have found that it has reduced a lot of time wasted in filling hay nets and more importantly horses are eating as nature intended. The Hay Bars are safe and very robust. I can highly recommend them!"




Louise Gaunt, Owner & Producer of Stan The Man, Champion Heavy Weight Cob of the Year.


"We purchased a Hay Bar initially because Stan the man was very wasteful with his hay.  This achieved its aim but since we have had it, we have found that Stan requires less treatment from the dentist and his top line has improved - now we have a Hay Bar in all our stables."Stan The Man



Jonathan Dodd ( Racing Stud Manager Louella Stud ) a man whose concern is for the safety of his mares and their young foals


“Very good design”.



Sarah Ambler, top producer of hunters, riding horses, coloureds and m&ms.


“Why has it taken so long to invent something like this?”Sarah Ambler

Sarah Payne (Panel judge BSHC & RH Ass.).
“Excellent Product”