Feeding hay - the right way

Many horse owners have been confronted with this question: How can I offer my horse his daily hay ration in a natural eating posture without having him waste or spoil part of it?
Feeding on the ground lets the horse eat in a natural and comfortable position. But horses tend to move and paw and end up mixing the hay with shavings and dirt. So they are more likely to eat bedding and usually refuse to eat part of the hay because it got spoiled. The owner often has to feed 30 to 50% more hay than the horse actually eats.

Hay racks keep the hay clean and off the ground, but the horse has to hold his head high and often twisted in order to reach the food. Standing in an unnatural position for a long time can cause tensions and back problems which impair the horse’s health and riding performance. In addition, when the horse pulls hay down from a rack, dust and dirt can fall into the nose and eyes, which can result in respiratory problems and eye infections. Eating from a rack or net may also cause an uneven wear pattern on the teeth.

Hay Bar is a specially designed hay trough that is mounted in the corner of the horse stall. It is extremely sturdy and meant for everyday use, over a long period of time.


Hay Bar lets horses eat in a natural position while keeping the hay away from shavings and dirt. The horses can eat with nose below the chest and the cone shape design allows them to set one foot forward, like they do when grazing on the pasture. This keeps the back relaxed and the horse healthy. Even if a horse moves and paws, the hay won’t be trampled, mixed with bedding or spoiled. With today’s prices for good quality, hay, this can save you money every day.

Hay Bar can be used to feed dry or rinsed hay, as well as hay cobs or haylage. If drainage is possible in the corner where the Hay Bar is mounted, it is even possible to rinse the hay in there, so you won’t have to carry wet hay around for sensitive horses. Manufactured from high density Polyethylene with a reinforced top edge, the Hay Bar has been proven to be extremely strong. The material yields when a horse kicks it, which minimizes the risk for injuries. There are no steel bars in which a hoof could get stuck or sheet metal which can cause severe cuts. The Hay Bar can be compared to a giant, super-tough feeding trough. This product is rust proof, rot proof, durable and easy to clean.

A cut-out in the bottom allows dirt and dust to fall to the floor. It can even be hosed or wiped off with water to ensure a clean “plate” for your horse’s daily meal.

Patented design. Size when installed: 31"x31"x37" high.


NEW: The GRAZER attachment:

Turn the Hay Bar into a slow feeder!

A sturdy, heavy galvanized steel frame keeps a durable NagBag net on top of the hay. It slows down the horse and prevents picky eaters from throwing out some hay. This provides longer eating times and a better diet for the horse and more savings in hay costs for you! Still stuffing nets? Switch to a slow feeder that is filled in seconds, provides a natural feeding posture and keeps the net away from pawing hooves.


Quick and easy corner installation: Place the feeder in a corner of a stall, with the base on or about 2” above the floor. Check the top edge position to make sure that it is level and top fixings are equally distant from the corner of the stall. Mark the wall to ensure no movement when drilling. Drill trough positioned feeder at the four recessed points. Fit washers and bolts or screws, whatever is appropriate for wall surface. Mounting materials are not included. We recommend 1 ¼” washers 3.5” screws. Add additional strength to the fitting by using flat iron bars (about 1 1/4” wide) on each side, instead of washers.


Made in England.